CoSWAC Local Contacts and Affiliates

For the past few months, CoSWAC has built an online presence to help dispel myths and misconceptions that continue to stigmatize sex workers and their clients. During that time, a number of sex work clients have asked how they might help in this effort.

We are now introducing a new platform for doing this – local affiliates, to provide a grassroots outlet for sex work clients and other allies of sex workers to participate in education, advocacy and activism. This will start with individuals applying to be contacts in the areas where they will organize new affiliates.

Due to privacy concerns, CoSWAC contacts and affiliates are strongly urged to set up secure email addresses through an encryption platform (such as Protonmail or Tutanota).

Each affiliate will abide by the following guidelines:

  1. The primary contact person must provide at least one verifiable reference.
  2. A minimum of three individuals are needed to start and maintain a local affiliate.
  3. The affiliate’s name shall be “CoSWAC” followed by the name of its location (CoSWAC Chicago, CoSWAC Rhode Island, CoSWAC Ireland, etc.).
  4. Policies and practices of the affiliate must not conflict with the mission statement of CoSWAC.
  5. The affiliate must communicate with CoSWAC’s administrator a minimum of twice a year.
  6. The affiliate is encouraged to communicate and coordinate with peer-led sex worker organizations in their location, whenever possible.
  7. Failure to abide by these terms, or engaging in any actions deemed harmful to CoSWAC as a whole, shall be grounds for the affiliate’s status to be suspended or terminated.

Click here to apply for contact or affiliate status.