Give to the Review Board defense

Stand with two brave defendants as they FIGHT BACK against the prohibitionists’ crusade!

You’ve read about Seattle’s Review Board cases in our December 13 and 14 “News and Updates” posts, and Elizabeth Nolan Brown’s articles in Reason magazine about the serial arrests of men who posted online notes about consenting call girls and are now being charged with “promoting prostitution” – a felony.

Now you can do something about this! You can contribute to the defense of two of these defendants who have bravely refused to settle with the prosecutors and have chosen to stand and fight. Click here for the link to donate whatever you can afford!

As is the routine with these prosecutors, the defendants were arrested pursuant to an investigation advertised as a fight against sex slavery, yet no evidence of anything remotely resembling coercion ever surfaced and these men are not charged with coercion. Public outrage and fear was mobilized, but that outrage is now being exploited to demonize individuals who simply posted reviews and talked about the enjoyable times they had with women who chose to offer sexual services online.

Prosecutor’s retaliation
Because these defendants have refused to plead guilty, and have asserted their right to defend themselves at trial, the prosecutors have retaliated by adding charges that carry an additional 12-month sentence for one and a 36-month sentence for the other, plus sex-offender registration for both. It has taken great courage to stand and stare down the power and money arrayed against them.

Money and influence behind it all
The prohibitionist group Demand Abolition, founded by oil heiress Swanee Hunt and funded by her family’s Hunt Alternatives Foundation, has given these prosecutors $141,667.00 in return for a commitment to go after clients of prostitution.  Influence has been purchased, and our defendants are in the cross-hairs. They need your help!